• CliMATE Change App

    - Real-time Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

    - E-Mail, Text Message, and Phone Call Alerts

    - Historical Data & Graphs


  • Features

    Easy to use, flexible, and powerful!

    Real-Time Alerts

    E-Mail, Text Message, & Phone Call

    Setup notifications when the sensor detects dangerous levels of temperature or humidity.

    Historical Data

    Charts & Graphs

    Unlimited historical view of sensor values, allowing you to view and export charts and graphs of all historical sensor data.


    No Hardware or Subscription Needed

    Our device does not depend on WiFi. It communicates directly with the nearest mobile / cellular tower.

  • Claim your CliMATE Change Monitor today!

    Don't delay! Protect your valuable property and assets with this remote temperature monitor.

    Monitoring subscription ($10/month) billed separately, upon activation.

    CliMATE Change Monitor
    CliMATE Change Monitor
    Temperature and Humidity Monitor
    - Plug-and-Play: Device will be setup and provisioned to your account before delivery
    - Probe / sensor with 1m (3.28') cable
    - Externally mountable antenna with 3m (9.8') cable
    - Internal rechargeable battery included
    - Power supply included
    - Temperature Range: -40ºF to 176ºF
    - Humidity Range: 0-99%
    - Dimensions: 2.75" x 3.46" x 1.18"
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